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SF Bay Area Janitorial Services Inc specializes in both daily and weekly office carpet maintenance, including vacuuming and spot removal. Beyond these services, we’re recognized as leading experts in commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Carpets play a crucial role in the first impression your business makes. Given the constant foot traffic, stress, and spills they endure, maintaining their cleanliness is vital for preserving your office’s aesthetics. We advise arranging our expert carpet cleaning services regularly to ensure your carpets remain in pristine condition. Additionally, we offer on-demand cleaning services to address any immediate needs.

Ensuring your carpets are clean is as important as maintaining a professional appearance for your staff. Just as you wouldn’t permit employees to wear dirty clothing, carpet stains should be treated with the same urgency. Contact SF Bay Area Janitorial Services Inc today to book your carpet cleaning appointment and keep your business looking its best with our top-rated carpet cleaning services in the Bay Area, including specialized commercial carpet cleaning in San Francisco.



⦿ Microwave Makeover: Standard cleaning includes a basic wipe-down of your microwave’s interior and exterior. However, our deep cleaning services take it further by meticulously scrubbing away all food build-up inside, ensuring a spotless and gunk-free microwave.

⦿ Germ-Free Small Appliances: Over time, appliances like your toaster and coffee maker can become germ havens. Our deep cleaning process ensures these small appliances are not just clean, but sanitized and safe for everyday use.

⦿ Spotless Trash Cans: The exterior of your trash can accumulates dirt and grime. Opt for a deep cleaning, and we’ll scrub away this build-up, leaving your trash can looking and smelling fresher and more sanitary.

⦿ Pristine Stove: Cooking often results in food particles getting trapped under your burner, leading to unpleasant odors and appearances. Our deep cleaning services tackle this issue head-on, removing burnt food and restoring your stove’s cleanliness and aroma.

Choose our deep cleaning services in San Francisco for a home that doesn’t just look clean but feels profoundly refreshed and hygienic.


⦿ Cobweb-Free Zones: Spiders often find bathroom corners cozy for their webs. Our deep cleaning ensures every spiderweb is thoroughly cleared from your bathroom, enhancing cleanliness and comfort.

⦿ Sparkling Light Fixtures: Over time, dust gathers on light fixtures, dulling their brightness and affecting air quality. Our deep cleaning services include meticulous cleaning of bathroom light fixtures, ensuring they shine brightly and improve the air you breathe.

⦿ Thoroughly Sanitized Cabinets: While regular cleanings might touch upon cabinet fronts, deep cleaning involves an extensive wipe-down of your cabinets, ensuring every surface is sanitized and spotless.

⦿ Immaculate Baseboards: Similar to the kitchen, your bathroom’s baseboards can accumulate dust and grime. Our deep cleaning services include a detailed cleaning of baseboards, leaving no corner untouched for a truly pristine bathroom.

Opt for our deep cleaning services in San Francisco for a bathroom that’s not just clean, but deeply sanitized and refreshingly spotless.


⦿ Comprehensive Dusting: Every piece of furniture in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, laundry areas, living rooms, and dining rooms is meticulously dusted off.

⦿ Bed Refresh: Beds are neatly made, and linens are changed to ensure a fresh and inviting sleep environment.

⦿ Sparkling Glass Surfaces: All glass tables are thoroughly cleaned and polished with Windex for a streak-free shine.

⦿ Carpet Care: Carpets throughout are vacuumed to remove dirt and dust, enhancing the cleanliness and air quality of your space.

⦿ Pristine Floors: Hard floors are swept and mopped, leaving them spotless and gleaming.

⦿ Laundry Appliances Cleaned: Washers and dryers are carefully wiped down, removing dust and lint for a cleaner laundry environment.

⦿ Trash Removal: All trash cans are emptied, contributing to a tidier and more hygienic home.

⦿ Welcoming Entrance: The main door entrance is cleaned and wiped down, ensuring a positive first impression.

Choose our deep cleaning services in San Francisco for a home that shines from the entrance to the innermost corner, embodying cleanliness and care.